About BASH

In an increasingly connected yet divided world,
BASH is a new lifestyle brand representing an open vision.
Our brand stands for curiosity, openness, diversity and freedom of expression.
BASH is thé celebration of being a unique individual.

Our purpose is to share our passion and vision,
by connecting with you in all kinds of ways.
Whether it is via our products, events or simply by you dropping us a line.


BASH is dedicated to bring you cool unique designs that fit you,
in every sense of the word. 
Our first T-shirt drop ‘I AM IN NO ONE’S CIRCLE’ designed by Tirza Mary
from Rotterdam is available to buy now.
This T-shirt represents not just a feeling; it represents a mindstate. 
The mindstate of not wanting to be pigeonholed.
You embrace your uniqueness and will never conform just for the sake of fitting in.  

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We are a versatile experience brand.
So aside from cool stuff to wear, in the near future
we also want to provide a space for us  all to come together, express ourselves,
meet new people and, naturally, enjoy good music.
The music you will hear will vary but will always encourage you
to dance and express yourself!
To keep track of upcoming BASH events; visit this website regularly
and follow us on instagram, twitter and facebook.

BASH is a Progressive Intelligence brand.
Progressive Intelligence was founded in Rotterdam by Omar & Olaff,
also known under  their aliases Amang Djaso & Sun O.C.
Prior to launching BASH they have been involved in running a digital label,
putting on Grime raves under the name SKANK and  performing
as a DJ duo on many  occasions.



Questions, suggestions, idea’s? 


Talk to us!