7 Hills Pack [T Shirt + Digital Download]


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7 Hills Pack

The city of Seven Hills, as Lisbon is often referred to was the main inspiration behind everything included in this release.
I guess it’s about stepping out of your comfort zone in a way..
Living in a different country for a couple months, making and releasing music I hadn’t really made before,
photoshopping my own artwork together and going as far as printing it on a T-shirt.

The artwork on the back is based on a photo made in Alfama (Lisbon) by my partner (credit where credit is due).
On the front we find the classic BASH logo as designed by Tirza Mary in a new colour.

I really enjoyed putting this together!
I hope you enjoy listening to/playing the tunes and wearing the T-shirt just as much.


T Shirt Specs/Care Advice

- 100% Cotton
- DTG Print
- 1 Size Up is recommended
- Cold wash (30°)

Music Download Includes:

1. 7 Hills
2. Wonx
3. 7 Hills Remix



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